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Denken Digital Systems offers a comprehensive line of computer related services. With our extensive moving and storage industry experience, we are familiar with the operation of a moving company. We take the time to listen to what you are saying, and respond in terms that you can understand, rather than confusing you with 'computer lingo'. This enables us to provide knowledgeable solutions to your needs in a cost-conscious manner. With our competitive pricing, proven integrity, and professionalism we're sure you will be thoroughly satisfied with our services. Below are descriptions of some of the many services we render.
Before you make an expensive mistake, talk to a professional who will help you make a decision appropriate to your needs. We can usually offer a cost-effective alternative to a potentially expensive investment.
Repairs and upgrades are a common area of expertise. Sometimes all you need is some clean-up and maintenance of the system opposed to costly repairs or even replacement.
We can design custom spreadsheets and forms for any need you may have, such as management reports, sales reports and other frequent tasks.
Difficult processes that you may be having problems with may just be a matter of not having the proper training for the software. We offer training on most common software programs that are used, as well as Internet training.
Maybe a small network is what you need instead of copying files to floppy disks to put them on a different computer.
Often there are day to day operations that you wished there was an easier way to accomplish. We can analyze the problem, design a solution develop specifications, and program and test an application built specifically to your needs.
We can help you provide a service for your customers, too. Often when you move a business they need someone to take care of their computer systems during the move. We will prepare their computers for the move and re-install them after you have moved them.
When a customer files a claim stating that a computer or peripheral was damaged during a move, we can go to the customer's site to diagnose the problem to determine if it was move-related. We then provide you with a full report with recommendations.

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